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About us

Crafting excellence since 1980

Versiv is a recognised expert in high-performance, technology-driven, composite films and fabric solutions. Through our ability to provide proven products and customised solutions we serve customers across a diverse array of sectors.
Our composite materials encompass a broad range of high-performance material solutions on the market, developed and manufactured with the most demanding applications in mind. At the core of our offering is our expertise in films and fabrics composites and true versatility of the products that we offer.
Established in Kilrush in 1980, we have evolved and adapted our business to the market changes while maintaining the essence of our core products. Our advanced films and fabrics are tailored to meet the demands of tasks ranging from creating secure barriers and easy-release surfaces to offering dielectric insulation and precise friction control.
What truly sets us apart is our emphasis on collaboration, fostering strong partnerships that inspire innovative breakthroughs and trusted relationships, paving the way for unparalleled possibilities.
Innovating together:

Our Capabilities

We work together with our partners to create innovative cutting-edge solutions that increase reliability, durability, and efficiency. Customised solutions allow us to create the best possible product for everything from sterile medical conditions to band-agnostic high-performance 5G radomes and renewable energy applications. Our products help increase lifetime and reduce overall environmental impact.


Based in Ireland since 1980, our experienced, integrated manufacturing and development teams use a wide range of materials and processes to develop and create fluoropolymer-coated products, cast films, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and multimaterial composites that work in the most demanding environments.
We collaborate with customers to ensure that the base materials we provide are suitable for their applications, offering technical support and development assistance, and material selection guidance throughout the process. Our activities include but are not limited to:
  • Film and fabric casting
  • Dip and reverse roll coating
  • Multimaterial lamination
  • Component die-cut converting
  • Precision converting
You can rely on our customer service team to communicate effectively with you all the way through to project completion and beyond.


We know that every customer’s needs are unique – and sometimes what you require is a solution developed specifically for you. Taking a collaborative, co-developmental approach, we work closely with you from the start and throughout our journey together – from drawing board, through prototyping, and application testing to up-scaling and industrialisation – to enhance performance with a  custom solution.
Our materials go through rigorous environmental, durability and reliability assessments – ensuring products are fit to work in the harshest of environments. When bespoke solutions are needed, co-development sees us work together with partners to apply relevant tests and gather reliable data. Our co-partnered solutions include:
  • Product customisation through material science
  • Precision component die-cut
  • Tailored packaging
  • Different surface finishes
  • Excellent thickness control


We aim to provide the right solution for our customers’ requirements and place significant emphasis on investment in tribology and analytical testing so that the materials you receive are fully ready for application.
Working with fluoropolymer-based films, fabrics, tapes and multimaterial composites, we offer converting and customisation services on our materials. These services include:
  • Slitting
  • Shaping
  • Surface treatment
  • Fabrication
  • Precision component die-cutting
  • Tailor packaging and more


Versiv composite materials are developed for manufacturers who strive for optimal performance, reliability and efficiency  — no matter how demanding the process or operational environment.
Our materials offer barrier protection, dielectric control insulation and mechanical stability across a range of challenging conditions, such as withstanding temperature extremes or chemical exposure. They also reduce friction to extend equipment lifespan and provide non-stick easy release properties to benefit various applications where hygiene and efficiency are crucial.
Our missions and values
Adaptability rooted in a culture of collaboration
Versiv draws its strength from 40+ years of global and local collaborations. Our collaborative approach is inspired by the Irish community (Meitheal) spirit, a tradition rooted in the west coast of Ireland. This tradition embodies the ancient concept of community cooperation, where neighbours unite to tackle seasonal challenges collectively. Situated in rugged west Clare, on the edge of Europe, creativity and resilience are essential traits. Over the past four decades, Versiv has consistently innovated, adapting to changing circumstances while maintaining the unwavering value of its products.
Take confidence from a long history of proven value
As a company with a long legacy, we offer customers substantial stability and valuable experience, and a highly developed collaborative culture from which to draw.  
Keeping pace with the inevitability of change
It’s not just geographic location that informs our adaptability.  Versiv has long embraced a culture that welcomes and responds to change. We transform and are transformed by our interrelationships with our customers, helping us innovate in responding to their challenges, while all the time building our own capacities.  
Strength through innovation in diverse markets
With expertise concentrated on film and fabrics, we provide proven products, customised solutions, and complete systems to customers across a diverse range of sectors, extending from renewable energy and mobility to electronics and industrial solutions. We help create innovative materials that provide protection, easy release, insulation, and friction control. And we seek to collaborate in making even more possible. 
A word from our CEO
Our mission is to create customized material solutions and systems that solve problems in demanding settings. We collaborate with our partners to create solutions that solve problems that we see in our world today. We are a company with a proud history of working with our partners over many decades, with our broad range of material options and our desire to co-develop please reach out to us if you're interested to learn more about how we can work together on your project.
Dale Thomas
Portrait of CEO Dale Thomas.
Versiv Composite Solutions is a leader in high-performance, technology-driven materials. Our composite materials encompass a broad range of high-performance material solutions on the market, developed and manufactured with the most demanding applications in mind. At the core of our offering is our expertise in films and fabrics composites and the true versatility of the products that we offer.
Our certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence across sectors and the recognition shown to us for our dedication to quality, compliance and expertise.
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