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Solutions for Automotive

Our solutions are supporting the move towards more intelligent and sustainable mobility. Creating the systems of tomorrow requires the right materials today.

In collaboration with our partners in the automotive and transport industries, we create solutions that ensure windows, sunroofs, and other assembled modules that motorists and commuters rely on every day are safe, sustainable, and a source of comfort.  
Image of a solenoid with a piece of LFL fabric in front of it.
Low Friction Linings
Our guidings and liners reduce the friction in solenoids and other moving applications in order to increase performance in terms of actuation speeds and power requirements.
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  • Versiv Low Friction Linings (LFL) are used in applications where reducing friction and wear is vital for improving performance and extending the life of equipment. LFLs are a composite of fluoropolymer and reinforcing fabric required in components such as electromagnetic solenoids, actuators, sliding roof systems, and printer fuser roll pressure pads. 
  • Our guidings and liners reduce the friction in solenoids and other moving applications to increase performance in terms of actuation speeds and power requirements.  In addition to minimizing energy usage, our PTFE coated fabrics, skived PTFE, and Polyimide composites reduce the physical space needed and provide a reliable, long-lasting solution.
  • The optimisation of hysteresis and low friction properties of  Versiv LFL in EM solenoids have enabled improved transmission responsiveness and driver comfort which are important benefits in the increasingly demanding automotive market 
  • Versiv low friction coatings improve overall vehicle economics. Our low friction materials contribute to lower power consumption and reduced space and weight requirements.
  • Our release solutions support the high productivity processing of composite polymer and laminate constructions used in the automotive industry for components like headliners or noise damping layers.
  • Working as a process conveyor transport belt or release sheet in a batch press, they deliver consistent, reliable non-stick performance, high temperature resistance and long-term reusability to boost your productivity.
  • Our solution is used as processing aids when converting, bonding, shaping materials into composite parts. They are compatible with many press forming processes, where they protect the reusable moulds from the molten substrates and ensure easy release.
  • Excellent temperature, mechanical strength and abrasion resistance allows precise reproducibility and reduces overall cost.
  • Versiv non-stick release sheets and belts can be configured for every type of machine, with features such as guidable edges, different types of joints and higher strength and textured options.
Our films and fabrics play a vital role in enhancing the performance, efficiency, and durability of lightweight composite materials and low friction linings in the automotive sector. These benefits contribute to more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable vehicles.
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