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Versiv Composites.

Partnerships that inspire.
Materials that perform.

A roll of Coated Fabric

For decades, Versiv Composites has been an authority in high-performance composite films and fabric solutions. The core of our offering is true versatility, providing a comprehensive selection of material solutions on the market, designed with the most demanding applications in mind.

Our Product Ranges

Industries we support

In collaboration with our partners in the aerospace industries, we create solutions dedicated to mechanical durability, flexibility and reliability to ensure safe air travel.
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Our solutions are supporting the move toward more intelligent and sustainable mobility. Creating the systems of tomorrow requires the right materials today.
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Electronics & Communications
We work with our partners to create fabrics, films, materials and solutions that always provide value for businesses and their customers and other stakeholders.
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From helping ensure clean labs to reducing patient discomfort and improving low-temperature flexibility of sample bags, we provide value to businesses and patients every day.
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From chemical containment and processing to release liners and diaphragms for pumps and valves, our solutions bring performance, durability, safety and long-term value.
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Renewable Energy
The transition to renewable energy requires composite solutions that provide reliably high performance as well as help improve the long-term sustainability of infrastructure.
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Our Featured solutions

A radome made for 5G on a pole between buildings.
5G mmWave Shrouds and Radomes
Our 5G radome solutions are band agnostic and can house multiple carriers while fitting to any underlying structure. These high-quality modular radome systems maintain signal strength while providing cost efficiency and design freedom.
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Rendering of a stack of electrolysers.
Fuel Cells
Industry-leading protection and barrier solutions when used as cells, seals, and separators within hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers. Supporting sustainable and responsible energy. 
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Image of a solenoid with a piece of LFL fabric in front of it.
Low Friction Linings
Our specialty medical films are commonly used in medical solutions due to their unique properties, such as high chemical resistance and high thermal stability.
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Pump Diaphragms
We offer a range of PTFE Composite multi-layer solutions for valves and diaphragms tailored to the needs of specific industries. Increase flex cycles and lifetime up to 70% higher than regular products and reduce vapours permeability by 30% in certain applications.
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Since our inception in 1980, Versiv has evolved and adapted our business to market changes while maintaining the essence of our core products. While responding to change we continue to provide the same consistent, high performing, versatile and innovative products our customers have come to know and trust over four decades.

A word from our CEO

Our mission is to create customised material solutions and systems that solve problems in demanding settings. We collaborate with our partners to create solutions to the numerous challenges that we see in our world today. We are a company with a proud history of working with our partners over many decades, with our broad range of material options and our desire to co-develop enduring features. Please reach out to us if you're interested to learn more about how we can work together on your project.
— Dale Thomas
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