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Solutions for INDUSTRIAL

From chemical containment and processing to release liners and diaphragms for pumps and valves, our solutions of all sizes bring performance, strength, durability, safety and long-term value.
The continuous evolution of industrial processes requires composites that provide businesses with long-term value. This is why we consistently tailor our products and services in collaboration with our industrial partners. Our goal is to enhance their operational efficiency, promote sustainability, and optimize cost-effectiveness.
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Pump Diaphragms
We offer a range of PTFE Composite multi-layer solutions for valves and diaphragms tailored to the needs of specific industries. Increase flex cycles and lifetime up to 70% higher than regular products and reduce vapours permeability by 30% in certain applications.
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  • Our fluoropolymer films can be used as a single layer or as part of a multilayer composite in every kind of expansion joint.

  • The mechanical strength, durable flexing properties, and high-temperature resistance create a crack-free, chemically resistant surface that keeps gases inside pipes and ducting systems throughout a range of industrial processes.

  • Our protective liner solutions for chemical, LNG, and aircraft petrol storage tanks provide long-term durability and crack-free surfaces with extremely low permeation.

  • They are mechanically stable, abrasion resistant, simple to use, and process into the shape you need.

  • Our products work in high-temperature environments that involve toxic chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances.

Industrial Food Processing

Durable, reusable and flexible, and resistant to fats, oils, Versiv solutions are the ideal non-stick surface for producing and conveying produce in industrial scale food processing applications. Their non-stick and heat-resistant properties aid in food grilling, tortilla and flatbread production and vacuum drying processes.  

  • PTFE-coated fabrics provide a non-stick surface, allowing products to be easily removed and preventing food from sticking to surfaces while processing.

  • The fabrics provide even heat distribution, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -170°C to +260°C

  • Easy to clean and resistant to cleaning solutions, the belts are hygienic and save time on maintenance processes

  • Puncture resistant versions are essential to dough rolling during tortilla and flatbread production, while facilitating smooth and efficient movement along the processing line.  

  • Our mechanically strong and stable PTFE-coated fabrics are designed to create durable, customised belts and release sheets for consistent production processes such as flooring and PVC window manufacturing.

  • They offer excellent heat transfer at temperatures of up to 260°C (500°F).

  • The easy release and non-stick surfaces also mean minimal cross-contamination and consistently high-quality product finishes.

  • Our coated and laminated fabrics are used for heat sealing and shrink-wrapping packaging applications as well as the manufacture of plastic bags.

  • Our solutions provide excellent heat transfer, various imprinted textures, and release at both extreme hot and cold temperatures. This also makes them suited for curtains used in ovens to contain heat as well as side sealer belts to weld plastic packaging.

  • Whether used as processing belts, belt liners, or release sheets for polymer matrix composites or polymer casting applications, our materials provide mechanical strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, and high-temperature performance.

  • The homogenous surface also helps to ensure high-quality finishes and defect-free products.

  • Great release and optimal energy transfer help enable high yield and quality.

Versiv products and services are adapted through working with our partners in the industrial sector to ensure enhancement of their operational performance, sustainability, and cost efficiency. That industrial expertise can be found in how our coated fabrics and films are used throughout industry from chemical processing and containment to door and windows manufacturing, packaging and polymer processing.
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