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Aeroplane flying above clouds.

Solutions for Aerospace

Our release films play a vital role in aircraft and aerospace craft manufacture, influencing aircraft and aerospace craft safety, efficiency, and comfort.
In collaboration with our partners in the aerospace industries, we create solutions dedicated to mechanical durability, flexibility and reliability to ensure safe air travel. Our materials play a supporting role by providing specific properties that enhance the safety and performance of aircraft systems and components.
  • The enormous forces and temperatures during composite moulding processes put high stress on moulds, parts and materials. Our high temperature, non-stick products protect and prolong the life of expensive tooling and ensure quality output leaving no residue.  

  • From PTFE cast film, to PTFE coated fabrics and tapes finished composite parts are sure to benefit from quality products by having clean lines and fewer defects.

  • Used as a non-combustible, chemical, and mechanical barrier, our  Versiv films and PTFE coated fabrics are an integral layer on spiral wound hydraulic hoses used for corrosive engine fuels.

  • Resistant to aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, and tears, they protect from internal pressure and external damage. These properties promote mechanical durability, flexibility and long lifetime.

  • Our Beta® Cloth solutions help protect sensitive equipment by insulating and supporting mechanical stability.

  • Used for multi-layer insulation blankets and protection for satellites and spacecraft, Versiv materials offer high performance across a huge temperature range and low solar transmittance while also being adaptable to different geometric shapes.

Versiv films and fabrics play a significant role in enhancing aircraft performance and safety by providing electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, thermal insulation, fire resistance, and surface quality in various aircraft components and systems. These films contribute to the reliability, efficiency, and safety of aircraft operations.
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