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Hydrogen tanks and wind blades.


The transition to renewable energy requires films and fabrics that provide reliably high performance as well as help improve the long-term sustainability of infrastructure.
Together with our partners, we design, manufacture, and distribute films and fabric solutions that help create a positive impact on people’s quality of life while also limiting the impact on our planet. Our solutions are helping to drive long-term high performance and reliability of the renewable energy systems that are a vital part of our transition to a more sustainable future.
Rendering of a stack of electrolysers.
Fuel Cells
Industry-leading protection and barrier solutions when used as cells, seals, and separators within hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers. Supporting sustainable and responsible energy. 
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  • Green and efficient fuel cells are essential for making the energy sector environmentally friendly.

  • Versiv PTFE-coated fabrics and cast films ensure energy efficiency of fuel stacks and provide effective barrier solutions that withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

  • Reliable and long-lasting, they can be manufactured to any size and shape - we can also create unique, customized composite materials for you on request.

  • PTFE-based films and fabrics are instrumental in the production of catalytic layers in renewable energy applications due to their chemical resistance, durability, hydrophobic properties, and ability to support catalyst materials.

  • They contribute to the efficiency, longevity, and overall performance of fuel cells and electrolysers, which are essential components of clean energy systems.

  • Our protection films seal the stack in frame gaskets or seal and position the MEA or CCM in sub-gaskets used in the PEM, alkaline, stationary, and mobile electrolysers used in renewable projects.

  • They are chemically inert and offer a high-temperature range, smooth and controlled surfaces, and tight thickness tolerances.

  • Our PTFE-based coated fabrics and VERSIV tapes provide effective release liners that prevent adhesion, improve surface quality, and enhance the efficiency and quality of the production process in wind blade manufacture.

  • They play a vital role in ensuring the reliability and performance of wind turbine blades, which are essential for renewable energy generation.

Our materials offer several advantages in various renewable energy technologies. They provide efficiency, durability, and sustainability. Their use in various components and applications contributes to the development of more reliable and efficient renewable energy systems.
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