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Beta® Cloth

Beta® Cloth is a fibreglass fabric with an extremely tight weave. This composite also has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is coated with PTFE.
With low off-gassing, it’s ideally suited as a protective layer in satellites and other aerospace applications such as the International Space Station, where it is currently used.
Beta® is a registered trademark of Advanced Glassfiber Yarns LLC (AGY).
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Roll of Beta Cloth.
Features and Benefits
  • Light, strong, and exceptionally tightly-woven: The Beta® fabric protects from atomic oxygen – especially when flying at low Earth orbit.
  • Exceptional flex fatigue resistance compared to standard coated fabrics.
  • Lightly coated to allow for low off gassing, making it ideal for space and aerospace missions.
  • Highly resistant to the effects of thermocycling, solar and vacuum ultraviolet radiation.
  • Ability to withstand harsh space conditions, serving as barrier and protection.
  • Chemically inert: Resistant to corrosion and Atomic Oxygen effects
  • Low electrical losses.
  • Non-flammable and fire resistant.
  • Non-silicone.
Advanced Materials for Aeronautics & Astronautics
As the sole manufacturer of beta cloth we supply this low-outgassing, white PTFE-Coated Glass Cloth to the Space Market. As a passive thermal control solution, Beta® Cloth applications include Multi-Layer Insulation, MMOD shielding, and protection from UV radiation and space plasma.
The very tight weave provides mitigation of the destructive effects of atomic oxygen (AO) in low-Earth (LEO) orbit. Beta® Cloth contains no silicone, operates exceptionally well in the harsh space environment, and is found in Satellite, Launch Vehicle, Rovers, Space Habitats and Space Station interior and exterior surface protection applications. Standard Beta® Cloth (BA 500BC) and ESD beta cloth (BA 500BCGW) are offered.
Rigorous testing standards
Versiv develops custom application testing based on each of our partner’s product uses in order to create the best possible solution. Some tests that are included but are not limited to environmental, durability, and reliability testing to give you peace of mind making sure that products work in the hardest environments. Our testing begins during the co-development process to develop relevant tests and gather data that allows us to create market-ready solutions quickly.
Some of our tests:
  • FTMS 191A-5041

  • FTMS 191A-5030

  • FTMS 191A-5102

  • FTMS 191A-5136

  • ASTM D149-81

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