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Microwave Transmissive Fabrics

Our microwave transmissive composites are designed specifically for use in radio frequency (RF) or microwave applications. Composed of fiberglass or Aramid fibres and a PTFE matrix, the materials provide complete environmental protection with the lowest possible transmission loss across frequencies up to 100GHz.
These structural fabrics have been qualified by decades of use in the most extreme environments around the world to always provide best-in-class performance for systems at all frequencies.
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Four sheets of microwave transmissive materials, in brown, green, gray and tan colors.
Features and Benefits
  • Carefully designed Aramid weave and PTFE-based surface ensure our solutions are permanently hydrophobic to actively preventing water accumulation.
  • Material works to dissipate heat quickly due to low thermal conductivity, easing the strain of complex cooling systems.
  • Our fabric solutions are band agnostic and mechanically strong enough to provide the required structural integrity at an extremely low thickness (typically 0.2mm / 0.008”).
  • By keeping this minimal thickness in front of the array, the fabric’s thickness remains small enough compared to the signal’s wavelength to not induce excess loss or scattering.
5G Shrouds and Radomes
The materials are fabricated into completed 5G radome systems ideal for single or multi-tenant sites looking to optimize for RF performance.
Mechanically robust and with improved thermal management to meet any 5G requirement, the materials have a proven history of providing protection under extreme conditions. Our microwave transmission fabrics are customizable, possess qualified structural integrity, and complete integration with most radio and cooling systems. The material ensures 5G protective covering or shrouds are lightweight and can be installed with a variety of mounting options including pole tops.
The versatility, durability, and unique properties of our microwave transmissive fabrics make them valuable materials for applications involving radio frequency transmission. The materials provide complete environmental protection with the lowest possible RF loss across frequencies up to 100GHz.
Rigorous testing standards
Versiv develops custom application testing based on each of our partner’s product uses in order to create the best possible solution. Some tests that are included but are not limited to environmental, durability, and reliability testing to give you peace of mind making sure that products work in the hardest environments. Our testing begins during the co-development process to develop relevant tests and gather data that allows us to create market-ready solutions quickly.
Some of our tests:
  • FTMS 191A-5041

  • FTMS 191A-5030

  • FTMS 191A-5102

  • FTMS 191A-5136

  • ASTM D149-81

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