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Solutions for Electronics & Communications

We work with our partners in the electronics & communications industries to create fabrics, films, materials and solutions that always provide value for businesses and their customers and other stakeholders.
Ensure optimal electronics and communications performance by selecting materials with the highest level of performance and  enduring reliability. Our solutions are crafted to provide long-term, sustainable value with minimal maintenance requirements.
A radome made for 5G on a pole between buildings.
5G mmWave Shrouds
and Radomes
Our 5G radome solutions are band agnostic and can house multiple carriers while fitting to any underlying structure. These high-quality modular radome systems maintain signal strength while providing cost efficiency and design freedom.
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  • We offer a range of low-friction liners comprised of fiberglass and polyimide substrates coated or laminated with a fluoropolymer for consistent, controlled thickness, high durability, and extended wear performance over millions of cycles.

  • Suited for all kinds of printers, our liners reduce the power needed to move paper sheets over the ink-infusing zone.

  • Whether operating in high-temperature, corrosive, or mechanically challenging environments, our PTFE films, and dielectric insulation solutions provide reliability, durability, and uniform wall thickness.

  • The high-quality PTFE film options are lightweight and mechanically robust to not only minimize abrasion issues thanks to their easy slide.

  • Low-friction properties but also meet low-loss needs in high-frequency coaxial cables or high dielectric breakdown applications.

  • Designed for the high frequencies used in  modern devices, the CCL films with low-dissipation factors minimize signal degradation within PCB transmission lines.

  • Fluoropolymer film provides a thin, high-performance dielectric barrier and bonding layer between the copper layer and other materials in a copper-clad laminate.

  • They reduce defects during thermal lamination while also providing high peel strength.

  • Providing an easy release layer, our specialized coated fabrics ensure the lamination cycles of FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Boards) manufacturing occur without defects.

  • This means that there is no defect transfer from our products to the FPCB laminate and no degradation during the high temperatures of the lamination process itself.

  • They are also chemically inert and reusable across multiple cycles to reduce consumable-manufacturing costs.

PTFE films and coated fabrics are prized in the electronics and communications industries for their reliability, durability, and unique combination of electrical, thermal, and chemical properties. They contribute to efficient and reliable operation of electronic devices and communication systems.
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